Date: July 5, 2019
Time: 03:00 - 05:00 PM
Venue: Pearl Academy - Eros Building, District Centre, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Fashion Styling - Colors in Styling

Most of us don’t realize how important color is to the way we look. Selecting the right colors based on our own complexion can make all the difference when we want to make the right impression. 

Colors used effectively can strategically also enhance shape and size. Join us for ‘Colors in Styling’ a workshop that gives you a glimpse into using colors powerfully.

Fashion Designing – Place the Pleat

A workshop that allows students to understand the importance of shapes and forms in Fashion

Take your Business Online

A workshop to understand “How an ordinary product could become a must have and learn the trick of successful online selling”

Photography – From Passion to a Career

If you CURIOUS about the stories behind the people we meet, about the imperfections that give character to everything, about the smiles and happy children and interesting faces… This is the very curiosity that passions our Life

Styling for Home - The Rapid-Fire Room Styling

An extempore free style workshop challenge of instantly designing and styling a thematic Room from scratch to an artfully curated space by making interesting choices from the elements of design & decor provided on spot through different visuals.