Date: 17th November 2018



Registration: 9.00am to 9:30am

Workshops: 9:30am – 1:00pm


Delhi, Noida, Jaipur

Registration: 9.00am to 9:30am

Workshops: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Lunch: 1pm – 2pm

Panel Discussion: 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Fashion Show: 3.00pm - 3:30pm

Flash Sale: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Unwanted Wanted – Desirable Luxury (Fashion Design)
A social initiative from Business students to create awareness amongst young generation for contemporizing unwanted unused garments to new garments in order to create bright prospects for business. Fashion students and faculties would help the school students to ideate and create innovative garments from these unwanted clothing. Styling students would further style these garments on models and do makeup for a fashion walk. Business students would create a pop up store for the merchandise and sell post fashion walk. Each garment would be sold at Rs. 200 and the money would be collected in the Charity Fund.

Learning Outcomes
Understand and apply basic concept of upcycling to create new business ideas.
Would further demonstrate the basic knowhow of styling and putting up a fashion show as a promotion activity for a product Would create awareness towards social initiatives.

Power of Making – Simply Felt (Accessory Design)
We invite students to explore the many possibilities of a remarkable material called FELT. While some might feel restricted by the idea of only using a simple singular material, a curious and creative mind can envision endless applications. Design is Thinking by Making - This design philosophy allows a designer to freely brainstorm, prototype quickly, make corrections and iterate again in order to innovate a wide variety of possibilities. With this immersive process of ‘learning by doing’, students shall not only create new felt accessories, they will also come to appreciate a versitile, sustainable material, understand elements of design, learn construction & execution, enjoy thinking out-of-the-box and in a unique way, become campaigners for sustainable innovation.

Learning Outcomes
Designing & making accessories

Power of Making – Digital Mosaic (Product Design)
We invite students to explore the many possibilities of light. As a medium, light is versatile and magical, we challenge students to imagine new forms of light using various permutation & combination of geometric structures. While some might feel restricted by the idea of only using a simple singular material and geometry. A curious and creative mind can envision

endless possibilities. Students shall not only create new light objects, they will also come to appreciate the versatility of light, understand elements of design, learn 3D geometric construction & execution, enjoy thinking out-of-the-box and become lighting innovators.

Street in a City (Interior Design)
The world around us is filled with buildings. If you are given a chance to change the way this looks, what will you do? What will the buildings look like? Will the new buildings look like 19th century Parisian houses, or the modern contemporary structures like the Gherkin building designed by Norman Fosters of London. This is an exercise to showcase your imagination for a city. It’s an image that you wish to create for a futuristic city that we will live in. Exploring the possibilities of making it better in all the possible ways.

Learning Outcomes
This exercise will help in comprehending the existing scenario and imagining the future.
This exercise helps students develops alternative ways of thinking and re-imagining the spaces.

Character Animation (Communication Design)
Let your imagination take a flight to create a new supernatural character with special powers in action. Think about the animal world, choose any three animals and incorporate their unique characteristics or create some new ones to design a character. A stop motion animation will be created using interesting material and during the process students will also understand the human anatomy and 3D modelling.

Learning Outcomes
Stop motion animation
Familirization with 3D modelling

Broadcast Journalism (Media)
Broadcast journalism is the process of communicating a piece of information to a mass audience through electronic media such a radio, television and the internet. It is not only a career that is challenging, exciting and engaging, but also extremely contemporary and every-changing. From producing documentaries on Netflix and news bulletins on television channels to creating headlines on twitter, broadcast journalists explore a range of options and future job prospects. They learn about anchoring techniques, production tools, voice modulation, content writing, show hosting etc. The workshop will introduce students to the world of broadcast media and explore techniques of reporting, writing and anchoring news on television, radio and digital mediums.

Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate an understanding of basic broadcast media, news and video anchoring techniques
Structure content in ways appropriate for television or radio delivery

Fashion Blogging (Media)
The visual appeal of Instagram as a social media site makes it unique and the platform provides the best opportunity for brands and individuals that want to turn into influencers. Earning through Instagram requires understanding of the medium and how it all works. This workshop will help you learn to create a market for yourself in the ever growing Instagram influencer market. And how to post and the right timing for posts etc.

Learning Outcomes
Exploring Instagram as a platform, understanding its features, strengths of the platform

Photography (Media)
If you are CURIOUS about the stories behind the people we meet, about the imperfections that give character to everything, about the smiles and happy children and interesting faces… This is the very curiosity that passions our life.

Learning Outcomes
Understanding your camera and how to click the best shot
Understanding your camera and how to click the best shot

Fashion Through Visuals (Media)
Translating your identity into fashion visuals and communicating the core essence of your personality.

Learning Outcomes
Understanding one’s personality through adjectives.
Selecting the right kind of imagery from fashion magazines which reflects one’s personality

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