Bidisha Banerjee

HR professional

Ms. Banerjee has 17 years of rich industries like Retail, Insurance, and Telecom. Bidisha is known for her forward-thinking attitude She is an expert in driving organisation culture, crafting people development initiatives in line with the busines.Her penchant for innovation has led her to successfully leverage art forms such as storytelling, theatre, music, and puppetry to enable learning. To talk the language of the digital natives, she has also explored avenues that allow for greater use of digital platforms. Her specialty lies in supporting organisations to implement developmental initiatives through Leadership Development and Organisational Development Interventions.

Apart for learning, she is passionate about incorporating skill development for the differently abled as well as working with members of the LGBT community. She has been a Speaker in many prestigious events like RAI Annual Summit, Pankh Diversity and Inclusion Summit. She has been featured in magazines like STOrai series featuring under their stories of successful women leaders. . She is a young achiever iand is a mother of a 8 year old. She loves traveling, her most memorable trips have been Varanasi and Austria. She is also an avid reader. Some books that have left an impact on her are ‘What got you Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith .She believes that the future belongs to women and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

While being a team-player, Bidisha has won several accolades as a performer herself – making sure she leads her team by example. She has earned a certification in the ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program), done her Competency Mapping, received the American Society of Training and Development Trainer Certification, and is a Certified Organisational Development Analyst (CAMI, USA).She is also recognised as a Human Synergistic OCI/OEI Accredited Consultant. She is an Alumnus of SDA Bocconi Milan completing her International Masters with a specialising in Design Thinking.