Payal Pratap

‘Payal Pratap’ is the eponymous label of designer Payal Pratap Singh.  After completing her Fashion design from NIFT in 1994, she worked for almost two decades in the industry before launching her women's line in 2012.  Her designs exemplify the woman who is modern and independent, sensitive, and appreciative of artisanal works.  ’Payal Pratap’ perceives India as a canvas, creating a modern line that boasts of deep-rooted fashion relevance, surpassing fashion trends. 

The ethos of the Brand lies in creating timeless, elegant, and rustic exuberant pieces that are craft-based and adorn the cultural heritage of diverse regions. Her design aesthetic embodies modern motifs in intricate embroidery, texturing, and patchwork details. Her signature pieces carry cross-stitch embroidery which has become a technique synonymous with the brand.

The main markets of the brand are India, the US and Europe.

Payal Pratap
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