Project Arpan -CSR Pearl Academy

The Foundation  students at Jaipur as part of their academic learning extension of the events and phenomena module will be working in collaboration with Robin Hood Army.

The project " Arpan " a Pearl Academy initiative in collaboration with Robinhood Army (International Non Fund NGO) aims at spreading awareness among the mass on the issues that the society faces today and we believe that every citizen should be working towards eradicating such problems and hence we at Pearl Academy as an academic institute believe that effective education  and empathy can bring the change to make the future a better place to live.

The driving force is our belief is  that “Value Education is the  effective weapon to fight against the social issues and evils.”  In past 2 showcase have been implemented

(1) At Tapri Ashram wherein students displayed exhibition and sold merchandise to raise funds in order to provide food and books to the children at slums.

(2) The Second exhibit was done at World Trade Park with 2 installation (Noosed and strangled by hunger & Right to Education – Live free, Think Free)

Project Arpan- CSR Pearl Academy

Project Arpan

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