Course - Overview

The field of Costume Design has been highly sought after in India ever since Bhanu Athaiya, India’s first Costume Designer won an Oscar for the Film Gandhi way back in 1983 and established the space locally. Mumbai  houses one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world, Bollywood. The advent of subscription based streaming services, has meant that films and episode based shows have become easily accessible to a wider audience which has seen a surge in the demand for a wider variety of content more frequently. Additionally theatre in India is also seeing a resurgence in different formats, moving from live performance to experiential. This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to become costume designers for these existing and new formats of entertainment media. Through a well curated curriculum with regular industry interface, the students will experience and understand the difference in costume requirements and professional expectations as applicable to the different formats.

The focus is on research and realisation of characters for film, television and theatre with inputs in film as a medium and art direction to provide the appropriate context.

The course prepares students in conceptualising and articulating complete characters based on the script or narrative. Students will be equipped with skills of illustration, garment making, makeup and hair design and sourcing. They will learn to ideate as individuals and groups and understand the various jobs a costume designer has to juggle in the process of working on a single production. The students will be exposed to aspects of art direction and film making in order to help them understand character continuity and context. Live projects with the industry will give the students hands on experience and help them make contacts towards gainful employment at the end of the course.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Costume Designer

  • Commercial Stylist

  • Film production companies and Costume Stylists

  • Advertising Agencies as Commercial Stylists

  • Costume Designer for Theatre productions

  • Costume Research and Planning team

  • Celebrity stylists

  • 1st Costume Assistant

  • 2nd Costume Assistant