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The master of Luxury Brand Management is an advanced course offered by Pearl Academy. Key focus is on management and marketing luxury brands with a deep knowledge of consumer behaviour, trends, latest technologies, and an understanding of luxury retail management. This course aids students' transition into niche professional roles like Luxury Retail Operations, Luxury Marketing, Luxury Brand Management, PR, and Advertising of luxury brands. 

Students are exposed to the latest branding and marketing strategies in this space besides getting insights into emerging luxury brands and markets worldwide. Whilst working on industry-live projects, this masters in Luxury Brand management course helps students get an enriched learning experience of various segments of Luxury goods & services i.e., Haute Couture, RTW, Automobiles, Wine & Champagne, Jewellery, Watches, Hospitality, Fashion, Handbags, Shoes etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions?
Why Masters in Luxury Brands course?

Luxury Brands tend to have a long-lasting legacy, with key focus on reinventing their ultra-premium products and maintaining loyalty with their elite clientele. These brands are always on the lookout for reliable professionals who not only understand the product offerings, but also the need to efficiently manage the business side of the brand.

The masters in Luxury Brands offered by Pearl Academy helps in preparing a candidate to work in a fast-paced professional environment and equips them to solve both the short-term and long-term challenges faced by Luxury Brands. From understanding luxury and culture, to learning brand management, to overseeing the brand’s virtual presence, students in this course get hands-on training in managing Luxury Brands.

Moreover, the job roles in this niche are incredibly diverse, ranging from product managers to communication and PR managers, to marketing consultants.

Scope of Post Graduate Luxury Brands course in India?

The scope of PG courses in Luxury Brands is undeniably vast, with leading Luxury Brands now inviting graduates to work in various professional roles. These include Brand Managers, PR Representatives, Social Media Managers, Curators, Business Strategists, Consultants, amongst many other roles.

Since fashion is a huge industry in itself, graduates can explore their preferred niche within the realms of luxury brand management. These include apparel brands, accessories, footwear, jewellery, product, lifestyle, home decor, automobiles etc.

Pearl Academy, through its PG course in Luxury Brands, helps students utilize their creative potential, along with inculcating them with a layered understanding of how Luxury Brands actually function in a competitive market. Moreover, luxury brands need professionals who can manage the business side of things with practical solutions, without compromising on the brand’s vision and aesthetics. All this makes Luxury brand management an incredibly lucrative career option.

 Why do students choose the PG Program in Luxury Brands course as career options?

Students choose Pearl’s PG program in Luxury Brand Management for a variety of reasons. Luxury Brands generally stand the test of time by constantly re-inventing the idea of luxury and how customers place their loyalty in a luxury brand. Today, in addition to the demand for highly creative professionals, luxury brands are also on the lookout for individuals who understand brand management, brand visibility, and the need to reach the right audience.

The management tools, marketing approach, and brand visibility essential to a luxury brand could vastly differ from that of small brands. Our PG program offers students a great insight into the working of a luxury brand, and equips them with industry experience through digital labs, internships and training, theoretical and practical knowledge, tie-ups with leading luxury brands, and a well curated curriculum.  These factors make Pearl’s PG course in Luxury Brands Management an incredibly popular choice.

Who can join the Pearl Academy PG Program in Luxury Brands course?

While a background in fashion always comes in handy, students from any stream can apply to Pearl Academy’s PG program in Luxury Brands. However, a candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria to secure admission in the program:

  • Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university in any field.
  • Apart from a Bachelor's degree, candidates are required to undergo the Pearl Academy Design Aptitude Test (DAT) and General Proficiency Test (GPT). The DAT evaluates a candidate's aptitude for creativity, drawing, designability, observation and imagination, environmental awareness, and communication skills. The GPT evaluates proficiency in English, Logical reasoning, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation.

This is followed by a personal interview round where students also get to showcase their design portfolio.

What jobs can you get with a Luxury Brand course?

Upon graduating from Pearl Academy’s 2 year PG course in Luxury Brands, students can expect to work in a wide range of industries. These include luxury goods and services, luxury brands, premium lifestyle brands, home decor, accessories, jewellery, luxury events and pop ups, fashion shows and exhibits, etc.

Graduates in this program go on to take up various professional roles such as Luxury Brand Manager, Luxury Product Manager, Luxury Retail Buyer, PR Executive, Visual Merchandiser, Marketing Manager, PR Specialist, amongst others. The job opportunities in Luxury Brand management are plenty, and based on skill set, experience, and area of interest, students can choose from a wide variety of job roles to pursue after graduating from Pearl Academy’s PG course in Luxury Brands.


Semester 1: Luxury Goods & Services 1; Luxury & Culture 1; Styling and etiquettes; Visual influences in luxury;

Semester 2: Luxury Goods & Services II; Luxury & Culture II; Luxury Brand Management; Financial Management

Semester 3: Luxury Lifestyle and Design Management; Luxury Retail Marketing Management; Luxury PR and Advertising; E-luxury and Digital Media; Overseas Credit Exchange at Milan

Semester 4: Luxury Industry Project or Global Luxury Cluster study

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Marketing Manager

  • Brand Ambassadors/Fashion consultant

  • Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager

  • Store Manager

  • Retail Merchandiser/ Buyer

  • Customer Relationship Manager

  • Visual Merchandiser

  • Retail Head

  • PR executive

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