Course - Overview

The personal styling course at Pearl Academy will introduce student to the art of image & appearance building whilst conducting a detailed study of the requisite clientele. The objective of this course is to build & improve a stylist’s abilities and knowledge not just in styling, but some key aspects of client management too. Students will develop their knowledge & command of the undertakings & responsibilities directly associated with this profession, especially since these skills have become crucial within the current image conscious visual world. With a thorough industry exposure through interaction & discourses with specialists & professionals from the fashion industry, this course will further facilitate the growth & enhancement of the skills expected from a serious fashion creative. In addition, the content of this course is intricately designed keeping in mind multiple applied & practical industry values, requirements & the constantly evolving & progressing role of a ‘personal stylist’ hence making this course extremely relevant to the present time.

Besides introduction to styling, the students will be trained to comprehend & master complex principles, particularly understanding the forever-changing culture of fashion & how heavily image & identity is associated with it, along with the role of elements of design and colour theory & how it influences the way we perceive people & visually assess their personality. This will of course also necessitate an in-depth study on comprehending different body types along with vigorous brand awareness & fashion vocabulary training.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

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  • Personal Stylists

  • Image Consultants

  • Celebrity Stylists

  • Wardrobe Consultants

  • Wedding Stylist

  • Corporate Image Consultant

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