Course - Overview

The one-year specialised program is designed to train learners in two key dimensions of film-making – storytelling & production. The course gives an overview of film studies, basics of film budgeting, and audio-visual productions, including web entertainment.

Diploma Film Production

After the crux of the learning process is over and done with, each student is placed for two months in a film production house, television production house, sound design house, ad films production house, or a web entertainment company. As a part of their course, students visit a production house, a television channel, or an actual set of a film shoot once in a month. Adjunct professors who are well-versed with the industry knowledge teach specialised parts of the modules and provide students with the opportunity to be associated with them on live projects. Bollywood actor, director, and producer Vivek Vaswani conducts four detailed one-day long (around 8 hours) workshops on various aspects of film-making with students in both campuses. Along with this, at least eight more visiting faculty members will take sessions in the year.
It’s a hands-on and practical filmmaking course, which is both industry and technology-driven. Web Entertainment serves as a major focus of this course.

Technical training

Script Software (Celex), Shooting on Digital Cameras, Lighting Skills, Non-Linear FCP-Based Editing, Sound Forge, and Nuendo.
Students are encouraged to visit the Dubai Film Festival or Mountain Films Festival, Kathmandu. Current student works have been nominated in several international and domestic film festivals as well.


Film Studies: An Introduction

Pre-production of Films (Idea, Script, Screenplay, Costume, Location, Workshops)

Production of a Film (Direction, Cinematography, Acting, Lights)

Post-Production of a Film (Sound, Editing, Packaging)

Direction & Production Manager (Roles in Details)

Various genres of films, with varying lengths. Also involves detailing out the specifics of each format and the various mediums of entertainment.
Film Finance, Budgeting, Sales & Marketing


Mr. Viveck Vaswani, Actor, Producer, Teacher, Writer, and the man who famously gave Shahrukh Khan his big break in Bollywood. An alumnus of Campion School and Cathedral and John Connon, Viveck started off with acting in India's first TV soap opera 'Khandaan'. He then produced a Marathi film called 'Kis Bai Kiss', and a major television serial called 'Nai Dishayen. He has acted in more than a 100 films and numerous television shows. He has produced 13 films and 2 television shows. Viveck Vaswani has been Advisor/ Consultant/ Strategist to a number of established companies as well as startups in the entertainment business.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Script Writer

  • Assistant Director

  • Production Assistant

  • Production Managers

  • Film Assistant

  • Director

  • Assistant Production Managers

  • Assistant Video Editor

  • Assistant Cameraman

  • Sound Assistant