Course - Overview

This one-of-a-kind program is designed to create future-ready responsible advertising

professionals with an understanding of brands, consumer behaviour, technology & data

to provide creative solutions. Students learn to anticipate, analyze and deliver a satisfying

customer experience using digital and creative skills. An understanding of business

promotion, brand communication, client servicing, planning, idea development and

project management is integral to the program.

Our Advertising & Marketing curriculum provides an in-depth understanding of strategic

positioning for products and services, launching company initiatives to suit consumer

choices and helping brands inspire customer loyalty by mapping consumer behaviour.

International exposure, masterclasses and mentoring by experts and live industry

projects help enhance career prospects.

Using traditional and modern advertising and marketing concepts students are

encouraged to come up with ideas and communication strategies for customer

engagement. Modules such as digital marketing, digital storytelling and creative thinking

promotes an agile approach to problem-solving. Data analytics, media planning and

finance supported by modules for better decisions and consumer outreach. Based on

an experiential learning model, this program is highly application-oriented and

encourages national and international exposure, real-time projects and mentoring by

industry experts.


Provides students with a fundamental understanding of business, marketing, and communications management. After the first year, students will gain a thorough knowledge of carrying out marketing and communications strategies in the digital age.

Active Citizenship | Business Communication | Marketing Fundamentals | Fundamentals of Management | Advertising & Branding | Consumer Behaviour & Interaction Design | Market Research | Software and Technical Skills | Marketing Case Study

Empowers students with an understanding of how to synergise business and marketing strategies. After the second year, students will proactively figure out solutions to marketing problems in a customer-centric manner and create effective marketing strategies that align with the broader business objectives.

21st Century Skills (or New Work Order) | Accounting for Decision Making | Buyer Journey Management | Live Project Lab | Integrated Marketing | Global Business Trends | Media Planning & Buying| Business Model Lab | Global Consumer and Trends

The third year is highly application-oriented and helps students apply all the learning methodologies obtained over the last two years in a real-world environment. It empowers students to think like creative modern-day entrepreneurs who can identify new value propositions and effectively market them in a viable manner. After the third year, students will know how to analyse complex problems and bring to life innovative marketing strategies, keeping in mind all the globally relevant aspects like ethics and sustainability.

Persuasion and Negotiation Skills | Statistics for Decision Making | Ethics and Sustainability | Data Analytics | Entrepreneurship and New Ventures | Final Project

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • Media Planner

  • Project Manager

  • Account Manager

  • Client Servicing Manager

  • Business Development Executive

  • Marketing Manager