Course - Overview

The Undergraduate Fashion Design course aims to equip the students with an in-depth understanding of the role of a designer in today’s fashion industry. This course is future driven with fashion aesthetics that nurture promising innovators. The tailored curriculum encourages students to transform and evolve with market – trend learning, sustainable practices and people-centric design innovations. With a value addition of international exposure and real life industry projects, learning strengthens in creative vision, technical understanding and craftsmanship. This enables students to imagine and construct a future of inevitable outcomes of exponential creations.

The course includes all the segmentations in apparel across genders and age groups and enables students to achieve competencies in both design and construction with the use of advance technologies. Comprehensive academic rigor and appropriate industry exposure in the curriculum ensure that by the end of the course the students are industry ready with a global and contemporary eye for creating seasonal collections. The course also focuses on multi-disciplinary learning and future skills. The exposure makes students stand out to employers with the rich view of the world along with a wide range of perspectives that they have encountered during their studies. They develop a wide range of transferable skills that could offer more flexible career choices. With state-of-the-art technology like 3D Printing, laser cutting etc., and international experience at their disposal, students are encouraged to imagine and build future scenarios for exploring the design outcomes of tomorrow.


Natural & Built Environment; Body & It's Extension; Design Abilities 1; Fashion Cognition 1 (Immersion Lab); Culture, History & Narratives; Identity, Memory & Imaginations; Design Abilities 2; Fashion Cognition 2 (Immersion Lab)

Fashion Languages and Techniques, Drawing for Design, Design of Materials , Fashion Mashup , Design Milestones, Fashion Making , Brands Mood, Fashion Futures

Design Research, Technical Tools, Studio for Construction Methods, Investigate Innovate Implement, Cultural Studies, Application of Social Media, International Lab Experience, Live Industry Project

Design Opportunities, Business Tools for Designers, Specialized Studio: Function and Details, Specialized Collection, Professional Practice, Portfolio Development, Final Project

Students' Work

Have a glance at some of the stellar work executed by our students.


Our faculty members are the strongest pillars of our 28 years of creative impact. These mentors are life-long learners, eager to dedicate their lives to create a change for a better tomorrow. They nurture creative minds and bring out the best in them over the years. Every student at Pearl is transformed into extraordinary leaders with the help of their support, guidance and mentoring. They and our students together make us who we are. Take a look at these geniuses.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

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  • Fashion Designer

  • Product Developer

  • Creative Pattern Maker

  • Fashion Co-coordinator

  • Sampling Designer

  • Design Merchandiser

  • Fashion Trend Forecaster

  • Fashion Educator

  • Fashion Illustrator

  • Costume Designer