Course - Overview

The three-dimensional world of product design is a domain of research, exploration and innovation – it deals with the design of a wide variety of products, services and concepts including a wide range of consumer durables* and new, disruptive product-based applications and solutions. Balancing out-of-the-box thinking with aesthetic of form and functionality, students acquire making skills, hone their perception and develop design aptitude to create innovative products and systems. The course learning integrates design methodology with critical thinking, technical knowledge, a strong sense of empathy applied to develop a wide of range socially responsible objects for contemporary markets. 

The 4 years of the UG programme is a combination of lectures, seminars, studio work and workshops for hands-on learning and making. Our on-campus maker space is well-equipped for both mechanical and digital fabrication and have full-time technicians to support and facilitate student work. Projects often take students outside the classroom for extended field work. Live industry projects, international exposure and career mentoring by top fashion experts enhance career prospects.

Students spend their time interacting with faculty and industry mentors; gaining knowledge of design principles; exploring different materials, processes and technologies; studying socio-economic trends; understanding local and global cultures while working with traditional as well as contemporary manufacturing technologies. Students generate concepts, sketch & model in 3D using latest software, construct physical prototypes in order to develop problem solving products.


With a career spanning over 35 years in the design industry, Alex Velasco is an expert in design education, product design and design thinking. He has taught design students in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Georgia and India. He attained a Gulbenkian Foundation Scholarship for post graduate study (1993) and has been awarded the South African Bureau of Standards design award (2000).