School of Creative Practice

The diploma in Creative Practice offered by Pearl Academy is a multidisciplinary programme, offered in the first year that is essentially aimed at preparing young minds for a dynamic and future-ready career. Primarily due to the pervasive growth in technology and automation, the world we live in is evolving in a host of different aspects - ways which certainly cannot be predicted beforehand. The learners of today, who are bound to be the leaders of tomorrow, need to be prepared in so many different ways for the uncertain future ahead.

This unique course has been devised keeping two fundamental point in mind - in order to help prepare students for the future. Firstly, the course focuses on imparting transferable skills and learnability, along with a strong emphasis on the expertise of distinct professional domains. Secondly, it also strives to instill attitudes and values that'll help the learner cultivate a comprehensive view of different aspects of the society. The course aims to present itself as the foundation for creative learning in the dynamic and fast-changing modern world of today.

Creative professionals nowadays are expected to perform a progressive contemporary society, that is curated by a blend of characteristics such as natural and man-made features while keeping in mind the past and the future. These aspects constantly evolve, giving rise to modern cultural forms and identities. The course captures the essence of a city. The course is divided into 6 modules -

  • Natural and Built Environment
  • Body and its extensions
  • Culture, History Imagination
  • Identity, Memory and Imagination
  • Design Abilities and Immersion
  • Besides these, there are four open labs, two in each semester that give the students multi-disciplinary exposure.

These 6 modules and four open labs form the basic curriculum structure of the course.

The exposure to the School of Creative Practice is exploratory in nature and will instil self-discovery & creative confidence in the learner. 'Learning by doing' will be the principal characteristic of this course. This goes on to encourage exploration, play, independent learning and facilitates the process of self-discovery and creative confidence. At the end of this course, students will be critically evaluated based on the context of their work. This evaluation will help them acquire the confidence needed to perform as a creative collaborator and as an agile lifelong learner while maintaining professional ethics and social responsibility.


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