Digital Learning

Pearl Academy has pioneered digital learning in fashion, design and creative business education in India. The existing courses have been augmented with a focus towards creating better opportunities and all round development of our students. These courses include collaborative online learning to enrich the overall learning experience of tomorrow’s graduate.

Tomorrow’s graduate is a millennial who is more conscious, aware, competitive, versatile, and participative, constantly seeking exposure to new arenas. Moving beyond traditional classrooms, these students prefer digital platforms to enhance their skills at their convenience.

Learning in Digital Age

In today’s digital age, the approach towards learning is technology enabled. The traditional faculty driven classrooms are now blended with online learning to ensure overall development of Tomorrow’s Graduate. Unlike many other institutions, offering distance learning where students are left on their own on the digital platform, the faculty at Pearl actively collaborates with the students on the online platform, through:

  • Engaging

    Engaging content

  • Engaging

    Discussion forums

  • Engaging

    Groups work

  • Engaging

    Blogs & Wikis

  • Engaging

    Assignments & Feedback

Blended Learning for Tomorrow’s Graduate

Tomorrow’s Graduate uses blended learning for easy accessibility, convenience, enhanced learning experience and increased interaction.

  • Engaging


    Re-visit learning content anytime & anywhere.
  • Engaging

    Enhanced Learning

    More meaningful discussions, emphasis on applied skills, technology skills, and life skills like time management, independence, and self-discipline.
  • Engaging

    Use of the Best of Both

    Technology & Personal Guidance: Well-planned interactions with instructors and digital content.
  • Engaging

    Increased Interaction

    Increased interaction among students and teachers to increase active learning among students.

Online Learning Platform

The online learning platform at Pearl gives students the flexibility to learn anywhere at any time. Our focus is in ensuring that the best quality products and services are available for Tomorrow’s Graduate at Pearl Academy. Keeping this in mind, we have implemented a world class Learning Management System (LMS) – Blackboard, for our students.

The LMS will enable them to:

  • Access sections of their course modules (topics that have been online) anytime anywhere
  • Collaborate online through discussion forums and wiki Submit assignments
  • View faculty feedback etc. achievement of the Academy’s mission and strategic plans at corporate and centre levels.

This will ensure continuous learner engagement even beyond the classroom hours and will enable them to drive their individual learning experiences.

Tapping the Online Platform

Blackboard, the online learning platform at Pearl, can be used to provide increased availability, quick feedback, and improved communication.

  • Increased availability: Students can access Blackboard using Internet anytime and anywhere
  • Quick feedback: Blackboard includes two ways of giving feedback to students – faculty initiated feedback for assignments and automated feedback for quizzes
  • Improved communication: Blackboard provides several tools, such as announcements, discussions and blogs that improve the communication between faculty and students and among students themselves
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