Pearl Academy Introduces Open Lab A New Learning Pedagogy In Its Curriculum

Jaipur, 12 October 2018:  Pearl Academy, a leader in creative education in India, introduced “Open Lab”, a recently created intervention in its futuristic pedagogy that provides a dynamic learning experience for students. 200 first year students from all four campuses of Pearl Academy came together to the academy’s Jaipur campus from October 8 to 12.

This addition in curriculum provides collaborative open spaces to bring relevant knowledge to students, promote teamwork, life skills and creative thinking for better understanding of design principles.

The theme of this session was ‘While in the Other Ramayanas’.  It explored segments of diverse interpretation, fringe versions and alternative narrations of Ramayana through multiple forms of creative presentations. Sub-themes on which students worked included; the Setu Bridge which is a symbol of faith and friendship, the Flying Chariot which depicts the power of Ravana, Lakshman Rekha that describes the limit and which is considered as the turning point in the Epic, Shabri which shows acceptance, love and kindness towards everyone, Story Writing illustrates weaving a variety of expressions and creating a documentary of the journey through performance, photography, etc, Head Gear that is a symbol of protection, status and power, Sita Haran,  an event that embarks the journey of finding, Paduka or footwear which is a metaphor of respect and devotion, Sanjeevni  Buti, giving way to alternate solutions, to try, take charge, resolve, seek and find, Multiple Heads/ Limbs  which depict facets of an individual or vices, Verses/Shloks which shows the style of writing, script as a graphical element and Breaking the Bow, a depiction of one’s power, status and skill over others. 

Pearl Academy Jaipur campus spread over 3.2 acres proved to be the most apt venue due to its rich heritage and culture and allowed students from Delhi, Noida and Mumbai to go beyond their imagination and explore their creativity. They showcased their creations on various sub themes depicting their own understanding and interpretation of the epic. Faculty from Pearl Academy and facilitators from different domains such as theatre, music, dance, animation worked closely with the students.

Taruna Vasu, Campus Director, Pearl Academy, Jaipur said, “It has been a lovely experience hosting students across all campuses via this very enriching idea of Open Lab. Last one week has been a unique confluence of ideas and expressions. Students had a very constructive and meaningful exchange of ideas which can be used to further their understanding of values and skills.”   



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