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Welcome to Creative Kickstart – the perfect refreshing start to help you understand everything you need to know about creative courses.

What’s Creative kickstart?

An online session that will help you get insights into your course through a one-on-one interaction with mentors and faculty, exciting videos on the curriculum and life at Pearl, and intriguing workshops that will help you hone a new skill set related to your area of interest.

What should you look forward to?

  • Meeting a career advisor who will guide you through this exciting journey
  • Hearing the Dean’s message on Life@Pearl
  • Getting clarity on your course curriculum and difference between courses from the Head of Department
  • Attending an intriguing workshop of your choice
  • Access to exclusive course specific content on our Mobile app
  • Certificate from Pearl Academy on completion of the session


23rd April | 4 PM

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1.Decoding Luxury Industry


Luxury is all about selling a desired dream, a special feeling, a unique experience and storytelling is paramount to luxury brands for which purchase behaviors are often driven by emotional triggers.
The art of storytelling is how luxury brands have remained relevant and have created the special position that they hold on our culture. The huge changes that technology has brought about in recent years have affected not only the way these brands communicate with consumers but also the way consumers are getting involved in the stories of the brands they love. This workshop will be focused on inspiring new paradigms in the luxury industry and a collective re-imagining of the future of luxury.


2.Entrepreneurship and Start Up in New Reality


There are more than 580 million entrepreneurs in the world today. This means 1 in every 13 people owns a business! Well, the talks about entrepreneurship and starting your own venture are everywhere but not everyone knows what exactly does entrepreneurship mean in new reality? There are many concepts and elements which are crucial to know before starting your own entrepreneurial venture. The process of ideating, developing, launching, and running a business venture along with its financial risks is important know. It is very important for the economic development of the expanding global marketplace. Generally, starting your own business is a tough proposition as 90% of the businesses fail each year. However, it comes as no surprise that more and more people choose to be independent in their professional careers. According to statistics, 2 out of 3 people worldwide think entrepreneurship is a good choice and that is why, you need to know about the challenges and foundations of starting a new venture in such competitive and unprecedented times.



3.Artificial Intelligent

How many of you have seen “Sophia” and used “Alexa”! Well that’s a small glimpse into the future, of the things yet to come, of the products yet to be launched. Imagine a world where you have driverless cars, robots as companions, artificial creativity, accurate diagnosis of disease, efficient fraud detection, more effective chatbots and many more applications. To get a peek into “tomorrow”, join our workshop today!

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