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7th July | 4 PM

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1.Dressing circles 


Circle is a most interesting geometric shape. When used in garment making, it elevates the overall visual aesthetics. Circle is versatile and can be explored in multiple ways and scales on the shell clothing. The placement of the circle can change the appearance of basic apparel and drapes fluidly along with the shape of the body. Through this workshop, participant will be introduced to the method of draping as a garment making technique and circle will be used as one of the element to be explored through dress-form doodling.

Materials Required

Scissors | 3-4 Pieces of measuring 1 meter fabric measuring one meter each (preferably cotton) | Alpins/safety pins | Needle and thread | Participants can wear simple dress"


2.Colour Play in Styling


This workshop will introduce you to the value & importance of colours within fashion. It will revovle around comprehending its power to compliment one's features more, whilst also understanding what it exhibits/reflects about the individuals personality to the exterior world.


Materials Required: Scissors | 3-4 Pieces of measuring 1 meter fabric measuring one meter each (preferably cotton) | Alpins/safety pins | Needle and thread | Participants can wear simple dress


3. Magic with Shibori


The workshop introduces the participants to resist dyeing technique of shibori as part of surface designing. The workshop will be based on demonstration and application of the concepts of resist dyeing. The students will be able to develop interesting textile surfaces after attending this workshop.

Materials Required: 

  1. Fabric required: 
  • For sample explorations: 1 meter white cambric cotton fabric.
  • For extra explorations:  any old cotton t-shirt/ shirt, old stole or dupatta or any waste cotton fabric. All the mentioned items should be white or in any light colour.
  1. Materials for tying the fabric: 
  1. Strong yarn/ dori 
  2. binder clips - big and small- (5-6)
  3. Ice cream sticks (5-6)
  4. Optional (thick card board or wooden ply boards in pairs of basic shapes (circle, triangle and square)

  1. Materials for dyeing: 



The students can buy 20 grams of direct dye in 2 colours (yellow and navy blue preferably) form a local dyer's shop and do the dyeing during the workshop at their homes.



The students can tie the fabrics during the workshop and get them dyed from the local dyer later on after the workshop is finished. 



The students can use materials from their kitchen for dyeing but the colours may not be too bright and might get faded after sometime. For this, the students will need materials listed below:

  • turmeric powder 
  • onion peels 
  • beetroot 
  • vinegar 
  • common salt

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