Mumbai, the city of dreams, works seamlessly despite its umpteen flaws. As an establishment that works at the core of shaping the future composers of design, we have taken upon ourselves to set in motion conversations that intrigue, question, observe and offer solutions to the very many aspects of what keeps this city ticking.

We hereby present to you an amalgamation of workshops, panel discussions and inter-college competitions that would engage and energize the young minds.

Inter college competition

Students would be invited to apply to participate in competitions on the below topics



Design Intervention (UG & PG)

Mumbai, the city of dreams, works seamlessly despite its umpteen flaws. We open the floor for you to show us solutions that would help us maximize this city in ways that have never been thought before. The solutions can be simple or elaborate, we want you to look deeply and keenly; show us what good design can do. Can design change the way we live? Yes, it can. It is a call for you to answer that.

Rules of the Competition

- Formats for submission of your entries: documents/posters/videos/sketches/mock-ups/etc.

- We need to see and understand your concept towards the solution of the above problem statements.

- Last day of Submission – January 15th 2019

Traffic Solutions in Mumbai

- for easier movement of people within the city

- to improve health and well-being of Mumbaikars

Making stations and trains in Mumbai more efficient for the daily travelers

- to improve the travel comfort

- to cater to all demographics in Mumbai (including less-abled population)

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Jury – 3 member jury – Designer, Urban Planner and Educationist

Fashion Forward (UG & PG)

Most recently at a popular award ceremony, an actress walked the red carpet in a up cycled gown that was designed impeccably out of pre stitched and used clothes. Design contests like Project Runway too have tasks for their contestants that make them upcycle, recycle and use alternative materials to create fabulous ensembles. Why don’t we? The plan here is to make red carpet worthy outfits from scrap, we give you 4 garments and you have to make an awe-inspiring garment from it. The garments will be auctioned and the garment which generates the most money wins. The money collected will go to charity. Mentorship and guidance will be provided including assistance to fabricate the garment.

Rules of the Competition

- Challenge to be executed by groups of 5 design aspirants

- Each group will be given 10 Garments to cut, deconstruct and reuse.

- Assistance will be provided by Design and Technical faculty.

- Lab assistants will help in guideline for construction of the garment

- Each team will be provided with a basic sewing kit along with one Dressform and sewing machine.

- Garment needs to be stitched and not pinned together. Stitching could be done by hand or on the sewing machine as per the skill of the design aspirants.

- No additional material is to be used to embellish the garment. All materials should be recycled or upcycled from the existing Garments given to teams.

- If found using materials sourced prior, the team will be disqualified

- Every design should be original and developed from a hand sketched. If any referencing has been done online via Social Media, Pinterest or any such other media , the team will immediately disqualified.

Last day of registration - January 16th 2019

From Scrap to Red Carpet


Jury – 3 member jury – Designer, Stylist and Fashion Blogger

Media - Convergence (UG & PG)

Mumbai, the city, has its way a creating an impact on you. Whether you are born and brought up in Mumbai, or are from outside, just experiences the delights that the city brings with it. We was to see how you perceive this city. How it has made a difference to you. Show us what you think by the means of creating content about the city, maybe a particular experience, a community, the travel or the life that it offers.

Rules of the Competition

- Entries will have to be submitted as convergence content on the theme given.

- The participants have to create convergence content on the given them in three formats – print, video and audio (podcast).

- The length of each kind of content will be as follows:

- Print – minimum 1000 words; maximum 1500 words

- Video – minimum 90 seconds; maximum 120 seconds

- Audio – minimum 60 seconds; maximum 90 seconds

- Participation can be individually or in groups of not more than three.

- A participant/group can submit as many entries as they want.

- Entries will have to be in the form of a printout for the print story and a CD/DVD for the audio/video story. These will have to be sent together in a single envelope.

- The accompanying documentation will include declaration of the entry being original work; details of documentation will be worked out later.

- Entries can be sent by post/courier or by hand to our Mumbai campus. Pearl Academy will not be responsible for loss in transit.

- Last day of Submission – January 16th 2019


Create various mediums on #MyMumbaiStory


Jury - one working journalist, one media educator and one media professional

Interactive Panel Discussion with well-known industry veterans, young professionals and students:

Being a Young Designer in Mumbai (Pickled Mind series)

Interested in changing the cultural story of scarcity to one of abundance?
Want to create an impact in journalism with just your phone?
Or do you want to create something that evokes emotion?
Join us for immersive workshops in Sustainable Fashion, Mobile Journalism and Screen Printing.

Interactive Workshops

- Unwanted Wanted (Desirable Luxury)A social initiative from Business students to create awareness amongst young generation for contemporizing unwanted unused garments to new garments in order to create bright prospects for business. Fashion students and faculties would help the school students to ideate and create innovative garments from these unwanted clothing. Styling students would further style these garments on models and do makeup for a fashion walk. Buisness students would create a pop up store for the merchandise and sell post fashion walk.

- Mobile Journalism MoJoMobile journalism is a method of creating multi-media or “convergence” content through field reporting, but using small, connected mobile devices, including, but not limited to, mobile telephones. The output of mobile journalism, also known as “MoJo,” can be text, audio, video and still images. MoJo involves reporting producing, editing, writing and transmitting multi-media (convergence) content without a production crew, and using a light-weight device like a smartphone or a tablet.

- Screen Printing by Pritam Arts - Pritam Arts/Studio P. A. is a 30 year old family run Silk Screen Printing Press. . At Pritam arts they love experimenting with scale, medium, colour, design & impressions. While mastering the art of screen print, they also compliment their prints with other methods of impression making like laser cuts, gold foiling, emboss, deboss etc. Pritam Arts is a small team of only three people, with expertise in the fields of print, print-production & design.




Sl. No. Category Prize
A Winner of 1st prize 10,000/-
B Winner of 2nd prize 7,000/-
C Winner of 3rd prize 5,000/-
D Winners of consolation prizes 2,000/-
E All participants will get Pearl goodie bag. Gift Hamper



Sl. No. Category Prize
A Winner of 1st prize 25,000/-
B Winner of 2nd prize 10,000/-
C Winner of 3rd prize 5,000/-
D All participants will get Pearl goodie bag. Gift hampers for Design Intervention winners by:




Sl. No. Category Prize
A Winner of 1st prize 10,000/-
B Winner of 2nd prize 7,000/-
C Winner of 3rd prize 5,000/-
D Winners of consolation prizes 2,000/-
E All participants will get Pearl goodie bag. Gift Hamper