Sports Marketing

Delhi | Mumbai
  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Eligibility : Graduation in any field
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The key driving force for any individual taking up the Sports Events and Marketing professional diploma course is their “passion” for sports and intent to be associated with sports events. You can observe your favourite sport closely by managing activities around your preferred sporting event instead of being in the field.

With the advent of different sporting leagues, the sports industry in India has received a facelift. As per the owners of Delhi Daredevils team, “The business of Cricket has grown tremendously; 80% of the revenue generated globally comes from India itself. It has given employment and created a lot of entrepreneurs.” As quoted by Bharat Arvind and Kaushal, ‘This is the best time to be in the Indian sports industry. Even lesser known sports like golf have created a market, and there are other sports that are following similar paths (shooting, for example).’ Industry experts express that with sports heading towards becoming a multi-million dollar industry, there are professionals required by the industry, but there is a serious dearth of talent.

Sports Events and Marketing is specialist area that is demanded increasingly by sports organisations. The sports’ event-organizers need professionals with good administrative and managerial skills. It involves managing and organizing leagues/ events/ players and requires skills related to planning, organizing, budgeting, leading, and evaluating a sports event or activity. This course is for those who aspire for a niche career and are passionate sports enthusiasts.

Organisation and Management in Sports:

The module will introduce the key terminologies and concept of the sports Industry. This module describes the governance and management structure of sports organisations. A strategic analysis approach is illustrated through case studies of real international sports organisations.

Business Communication Skills:

The module focuses on the self-awareness relevance of grooming, conduct, body language, etiquettes and effective oral and written communication in a professional environment. Learner will be expected to apply the learning from this module throughout the course and career.

Sport Event Management:

Sports managers need to successfully plan, communicate and operate, when delivering sports events. This module will help students to design and organise their own sporting event.

Administration of Specific Games:

Specifically six sports have been chosen in this course to be studied in detail. This module will impart knowledge on their historical development along with their rules and regulations, organizational structure and important managerial applications.

Sports Marketing:

The module helps the student examine the concept, practice and environment of sports marketing. The students will appreciate the difference between marketing “of” and marketing “through” sports. The students will also learn the role of media in sports marketing – types of media, media strategy, measurement techniques etc.

Sports Selling and Sponsorship:

The module helps the student examine the practice and environment of sponsorship-linked marketing. It gives participants a thorough understanding of the nature of sports marketing, and its most important processes, concepts, and tools. It describes both the role of marketing in sporting business entities and the use of sport in more traditional marketing efforts. The module adopts a clear international perspective. It is taught via a blend of interactive lectures, case studies, reports, and presentations.

Sports Facility Operations:

This module aims at equipping students with conceptual understanding of management of sports infrastructure, security and technology at sport facilities and even management of leisure and recreational facilities. Students will also learn specific details such as Golf-Course operations.

Experts’ Workshop:

This will be a two-week immersion study either in UEM or in Pearl Academy. Masterclasses from experts in Sports Industry will be meeting students and teaching out of their experiences.


This is the ultimate module that will allow students to get attached with a sports organization or a media that promotes sports events. This is a work-based learning module allowing students to choose a career path.

The rate at which the industry has grown has been superior compared to the growth in the availability of professional managerial talent in the industry. So, the opportunities are vast for those with right skill and qualification.

Sports marketers and event managers can be employed by a diverse range of organisations within the sports industry or other allied organisations that facilitate the engagement of the viewer with the athlete; these could be sports marketers, celebrity managers, broadcasters, merchandise managers etc.

Some top employers are Sports Management Companies, ESPN, Star Sports, Tiger Sports Marketing, IMG, IPL (Franchises), ISL, IPTL, Pro Kabaddi League to name a few.

Some career paths post the course :-
  • Sports Development Manager
  • Partnership Development Manager
  • Facility Manager
  • Sports Agents
  • Content Developer (Sports)
  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Athletic Administration

Salary in this career field is based on experience, education and type of sports management position. The starting salary of a sports manager can be anywhere between Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 45,000. Remuneration increases with experience and position enhancement in the firm one is employed at. As one gains industrial experience, salaries can shoot up to as high as Rs. 50 lakhs per annum.

Companies for placements:
  • Rishi Narain Golf Management
  • Libero sports
  • SportsRoots
  • Sports365
  • ESPN/Star Sports/Ten Sports
  • Decathalon
  • Other sporting bodies