Course Overview

This 2-Year PG in Fashion Design is developed in association with Domus Academy, Milan and serves as a golden opportunity to take up a creative career in fashion in both domestic and international forums.

After an intensive 8 weeks of developing a foundation where one can identify the type(s) of design they want to perfect, the learner will be equipped with a range of activities and tasks that will let them respond to new-age industry needs.


This programme offers great potential for employment opportunities in rapidly-expanding designer labels, luxury brands, apparel retail brands, and the ready-to-wear industry.


Level 1

The first semester of the course deals in laying down the basic design foundation. Students of Semester 1 will deal with the fashion design process, visualisation & presentation techniques, contextual design studies, and communication.

Level 2

This level concentrates on providing students with a holistic understanding and skills of core subjects, such as fashion form & function, traditional textiles & crafts, and portfolio development. The focus is to impart core-based knowledge and acquire relevant skills in fabric development to develop an understanding of the design process, keeping in mind the trends and the forecast.

Level 3

Students take their previous educative principles and evolve it to a higher, complex, and sophisticated stage of understanding. They engage in the application through projects – often sponsored by the industry – and, therefore, coming to terms with reality of the world in the learning space. They also learn about business studies & entrepreneurship and effortlessly integrate these design methodologies with business practices.

Level 4

This semester provides the maximum scope to design one’s own final research brief and implement it successfully. This enables a student to achieve a very meritorious final work and to demonstrate a well-honed, highly specialized, application of significance to the chosen discipline in Fashion.

Students' Work

Have a glance at some of the stellar work executed by our students.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

  • Garment Technologist

  • Retail Buyer

  • Fashion Illustrator

  • Merchandisers

  • Textile/Fabric Designers

  • Fashion Stylist

  • Creative Head for Fashion Boutique

  • Fashion Blogger

  • Accessory Designer

  • Fashion Consultant