Course - Overview

Textile Design program helps hone your creative abilities to drive trends and style with a deep knowledge and understanding of fabrics. As India’s largest creative industry, Textiles, have an interesting variety of traditional skills and contemporary styles and choices.

Students are equipped to develop an in-depth understanding of the designer’s role and the need to be relevant in the contemporary textile industry. Career prospects are enhanced by national and international exposure, real-time projects and mentoring by industry experts. Learners get exposed to an understanding of Indian fabrics, their surface ornamentations and its role in the global industry.

This program enables the students to design contemporary fabrics by developing an understanding of color, design and material in the areas of print, knit, stich and weave. It is defined by innovation and scaling of the craft by bridging the divide between traditional roots and modern trends. A strong collaboration between domestic designers, craftsmen and stakeholders of this segment will ensure a solid professional knowledge to approach by the end of the course both domestic and global markets.


Foundation Year

Semester 3
Design Milestones | Drawing For Design | Design Of Materials | Tech Transfer

Semester 4
Fashion Languages And Techniques | Weawing & Knitting | Brands Mood | Fashion Futures

Semester 5
Design Research | Surface And Structure In Textile | Studio Of Design Methods | Investigate Innovate Implement

Semester 6
Cultural Studies | Application Of Social Media | Ile | Lip

Semester 7
Problem Setting | Business Tools For Designers | Function & Details | Specialised Collection

Semester 8
Professional Practice | Portfolio | Major Project


An Italian origin fashion designer, he has lived and studied out of England which helped him develop an eclectic signature, accuracy for details, and a new-age approach to design. His curiosity and aptitude to learn about the various facets of design have allowed him to win two prestigious competitions, namely the 2003 Award as the "Young Designer Of The Year" in Bristol and the 2008 Award of being an "Emerging Talent In Rome.