Fashion Guru

Is the iconic fashion guru of India. An ex-student of NID ahmedabad, he is the creator of high-profile events like india men’s fashion week, colombo fashion week, kingfisher fashion awards & megamodel hunt.

A textile expert himself, in 2018 he presented the 4th edition of rajasthan heritage week. This is a project he presents for the government of Rajasthan and is considered one of the most successful khadi revival projects in the country.

Current projects include programs with the government of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka to create similar handloom revival projects. He also holds the Karnataka fashion week annually, working with clusters all over India in khadi cotton, wool and silk. He is extremely committed to the revival, promotion of traditional, and heritage Indian textiles.

From the staging of some of the country's most directional fashion shows and events to presenting brand launches, fashion & beauty contests, fashion weeks and fairs, Prasad Bidapa is a pioneer in the Indian fashion industry since the last four decades. He has seen it evolve since its very inception and has mentored many of today’s top designers since their student days.

He has also trained some of the top stars in bollywood today, having discovered and mentored them. He appeared on the cover of India today in January 1998 as one of India's most influential style entrepreneurs.

His public relations and social media network is considered to be one of the best in this country and he interacts with a wide variety of publications and media from his office in Bengaluru.

Prasad Bidapa associates works with the top brands of India and the world, presenting exhibitions and fashion promotions globally. His presents khadi and handloom projects at various fora around the globe.

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