Course - Overview

Translating creative voices into a visual impact using technology is integral to this new-age postgraduate (PG) in communication design program. Here, students understand their socio-cultural settings and are nurtured to devise strategies that lead to well-designed communication products, systems, services, and experiences across different media, formats and contexts.

With a deep knowledge of design & art, students are encouraged to employ both convergent and divergent thinking in the process of observation, investigation, speculative enquiry, and visualization. They acquire competencies to make connections between intention, process, outcome, context, and methods of dissemination. The students will determine and generate ideas, concepts, proposals, solutions, or arguments independently and/or collaboratively as self-initiated activity and/or in response to set briefs. The students are encouraged to study independently, set goals, manage workloads and meet deadlines, besides learning workplace skills that will aid in their entrepreneurial & professional journeys while negotiating the VUCA world and its challenges.


Fundamentals & History of Design, Basic Digital Tools, Design Basics , Visual Design, Research Practices, Type and Production, Advanced Digital Tools, Branding and Advertising, Data Visualization

Cultural Studies, Interface Design, Design for Social Innovation, International/ Industry Project, Physical Interfaces


Our faculty members are the strongest pillars of our 28 years of creative impact. These mentors are life-long learners, eager to dedicate their lives to create a change for a better tomorrow. They nurture creative minds and bring out the best in them over the years. Every student at Pearl is transformed into extraordinary leaders with the help of their support, guidance and mentoring. They and our students together make us who we are. Take a look at these geniuses.

Career Path

Our 360° comprehensive learning-based model opens up multiple avenues and opportunities for students.

Career image
  • IT companies

  • Corporate houses/ Multi-national companies

  • Start-ups

  • Design houses

  • Publication industry

  • Editorial design

  • Type foundries

  • Motion graphics.

  • Graphic Designers

  • Advertising and Branding consultants

  • Art Directors

  • Design Researchers

  • UX/UI designers

  • Animators, etc.

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