In continuation with Pearl Academy’s focus on innovation, creative excellence and fostering a vibrant learning ecosystem, the department of Academic Development & Innovation (ADI) provides strategic direction and innovation in academics. It stimulates curricular and pedagogical strategy, research & development opportunities for faculty, systematic new program launches, and thought leadership initiatives. This team works closely with internal and external stakeholders to map trends, deeply understand market & provide future direction for the organization.

In consonance with Pearl’s vision of becoming a leading global institute in the creative field, ADI promotes, proliferates and raises the level of intellectual discourse. It provide multiple platforms for igniting conversations between students, faculty, industry and other stakeholders. These conversations are documented via research, publication and multiple initiatives.

Pearl Total Learning System & Academic Model

A 360-degree comprehensive Learning Experience

Pearl Total Learning System is a comprehensive learning system that encourages development of competencies like active learning, innovation and creativity, analytical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, domain expertise and new technologies. PTLS facilitates learning beyond curriculum, international exposure to every student, career mentoring by industry experts throughout student journey and eventually, employment.

New Academic Model provides distinctive experience by exposure through specially designed open spaces for students - international labs, live industry projects and open labs. Special labs facilitate new knowledge, skills and learning from domain specific and multi-disciplinary offerings, outside the curriculum in sync with the demands of a volatile ecosystem.

Faculy Development

Faculty Development

The professional competence, intellectual and creative strength of its faculty are the most important measures of an institute's quality.

Build, & engage our diverse faculty pool

Provide professional development opportunities and specific programs of assistance for excellence in research, strengthening TLA, capacity building and acquiring new skills. Supports faculty to think beyond conventions and develop themselves at all stages of their career to deliver an engaging, student-centred, learning and teaching experience.

Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP)

This is designed to initiate a research-oriented approach to academic practice. Modules and boot camps encourage reflective experience emphasizing on peer learning, sharing and critical analysis of teaching methodologies.

New Program Development & Portfolio Management

New Program Development & Management is an analytical and systematic process of launching and nurturing new courses. It is a collaborative decision making process based on data, student aspiration and industry demand. Portfolio management includes clear categorization of products to avoid overlaps, and reviewing and enhancing program performance including student experience, value delivered, differentiation, and employability.

Portfolio Management

Intellectual Conversations, Research & Publication

Lead conversations about change in the world creative education. Build platform for Innovation and disruption in the interest of preparing young creative leaders for the industry of tomorrow. We do this by organizing What’s Next Confluence and curating multiple other conversation platforms like Offline, and Pickled minds for industry faculty and students. Learning from insights and shared ideas, recording and sharing these via research, publication and greater outreach mediums to add to the global knowledge pool.

What’s Next series in world cafe confluence aims at stimulating and inspiring participants to foster innovation and creativity, discuss, debate, articulate, learn and make meaning together towards the future. It comprises of stakeholders such as global design educators, industry, government bodies, international design fraternity, thought leaders & budding professionals.

Encouraging faculty to research in domain specific or other areas of interest and build opportunities to understand what’s happening globally. Facilitating this by supporting faculty to present papers in relevant conference, seminars, conduct workshops and other events to complement a dynamic environment of learning.

Our Team

Sharmila Katre, Dean

With a professional career spanning 37 years in the Fashion, Clothing and Textile Industry in India, my areas of specialism include back end Merchandising, Product Development and Sourcing, Implementation of Management Systems for Garment Production and Textiles. Over the years I have headed Merchandising and Buying organizations with principals in Europe and Australia, and taught on postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes as a senior faculty at National and Private Institutions training professionals for the Clothing and Textile Industry. I have conducted Industry Workshops, EDPs and seminars, and have been a core member of the research team responsible for fashion, colour and textile forecasting for international textile fairs held in India bi-annually in the nineties.

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