Prashanth  Muthuswamy
Sr. Lecturer, School of Fashion

Prashanth  Muthuswamy is the Winner of SMR Italy Fashion NXT Sustainable Fashion scholarship 2014. Having worked as Head Designer with ROCKYSTAR for 5 years and collegial in 6 seasons of London and Milan Fashion week. He has also led the costume design for at least 20 Blockbuster Bollywood movies and many A-listed celebrities. Has a limited-edition label Rockstar by Prashanth Muthuswamy. As Illusive and Cryptic as his work, he creates fleeting but powerful emotions and drama typifying sculptural, structural, architectural, and avantgarde using confounding combinations and weird inspirations. He grazes in the land of pleats, origami, and platonic solids with some oriental relish. Having a science background, he is a mad growling scientist when it comes to designing. Working on self Future projects, exploring Motiongraphics, procreate illustrator, Cinema4d designer, and many more.

Prashanth  Muthuswamy
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